Here is a showcase of the projects that I done whilst on General Assembly

Restaurant Recipe

Having opened two restaurants and seeing how difficult it is to compete against the larger organisations, I wanted to make something that would help small businesses to flourish, Restaurant Recipe was created with that in mind.

The idea is simple, using your mobile or tablet, the user would sign in, and locate one self using google maps. Once the user has been found, look at the list of restaurants around you and choose what you would like to do. Either book a table or look at the recipes that the restaurant has published. If you see one you like, why not prepare it at home, and see how much of a chef you are.

The app was put together using Javascript, Ruby, HTML5, Twitter Bootstarp, Google Maps API and my love and dedication.

J&S Fitness

Joint project, focusing in User log in and registration, allowing to book lessons, or carry out lessons for other users registered. I used Ruby, CSS, HTML and Javascript. Best project to get a feel of Github.

Hacky Memory

Group project to work on our idea for 24 hours. The action is documented on a showreel, from planing to panicking. Using JS, Angular, HTML and CSS. Main project was the memory card game.

DJ Tracks

The first project that I carried out was "DJ Tracks" where a user could upload music and leave coments, if they register. Used Ruby and act as comentable gem was the biggest challenge.